Transaction Fees

Maker Transaction Fee

. Maker transaction fee applies to users who offer to buy any type(s) of Crypto(s) in any price lower than the current price in limit order or sell any type(s) of crypt(s) in any price higher than the current price in limit order, which thus increase the market depth of either buy or sell orders.
. Negative transaction fee means makers do not have to pay the transaction fee. Instead, Kronbase will return extra bonus to the makers.

Taker Orders

. Taker transaction fee applies to any users who offer to take any type of buy or sell orders placed by any makers, which thus decreases the market depth of the order book.

Hidden Orders The function of hidden orders requires all users to pay the same transaction fees as any other normal orders. No extra fees apply to the function of hidden orders.

Transaction Fee for Deposit Transactions

Kronbase will provide express and free services regarding any deposit transactions of Kronbase.

Transaction Fees for Withdrawal Transactions

The withdrawal transaction fees of cryptocurrency token/coins are determined by the network cost. The transaction fee standards of withdrawal transactions on Kronbase are listed as below

. New users will not be able to withdraw their tokens within 24 hours of their registration on Kronbase.
. The web page of withdrawal transaction fee standards will be updated regularly. Please refer to our web page for any of the latest adjustments on any withdrawal transaction fees.